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A Streetcar Named Desire a play by Tennessee Williams

Golden Gate Community Center

4701 Golden Gate Parkway - Naples, Florida 34116

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Stanley Kowalski - Kevin Hendricks

Blanche DuBois - Jodi Tagen

Stella Kowalski - Gena Galyean

Mitch - Keith Gahagan

Eunince - Suzanna Reed

Street Person /Flower Lady - Debron McCartney

Collector / Street Person - Jared Benner

Read through - October 16th - Rehearsals begin Oct. 18th Call sheet will be provided - at least 3 rehearsals per week normally 7 pm -10 pm at the Golden Gate Community Center.
There will also be rehearsals on either Saturday or Sunday afternoons, but not both.
All actors should expect to be called for every rehearsal the 2 weeks prior to tech week. Rehearsals will be broken up by scene and call sheets will be provided to the actors.  Every effort will be made to maximize the time actors are at rehearsal.

Characters NEEDED!

Steve Hubbell: Age Range: 40-50+. Same demeanor as his wife – on the crass side and very earthy. Loves his wife in a possessive, grabby kind of way but is still fascinated by the “lady” who comes into their midst. Given the opportunity, he’d grab Blanche in an instant for a little “footsy.”

African-American Woman or Other Woman of Color: Age Range: 55-70. Has a “seen it all” look about her. Stage presence expanded upon original script role.

Pablo Gonzalez: Age Range: 30-38. A friend of Stanley’s. Small, in-shape but wiry.

Sailor, Street Person #2: Age Range: 16-21. A teenager, a bit innocent for his age. Stage presence expanded upon original script role.

Doctor & Nurse  -  Street Person #4 & 5: Age Range: 50-65. World-weary and all too familiar with those who’ve “checked out” mentally. Senses Blanche’s fragility and tries to make the best of a bad situation. Stage presence expanded upon original script role.